Technical Resumes - whether for IT and Engineering leaders, or for hands-on technology professionals, present a unique set of challenges. In this series of blogs, I'd like to address a few of the most common - but please let me know if there are other issues you've found that you'd like me to discuss in future posts. Balance:

The most difficult challenge in every technical resume is finding the most effective balance between technical detail and business achievements. This balance in critical, but varies with career level and objectives.

For leadership opportunities, it's best to focus primarily on strategic business objectives and achievements, and bring in only enough to technical detail to explain how you've gotten the job done. Don't overwhelm the reader with technical detail; that can create an impression of being "stuck in the weeds" and not effectively utilizing technology to achieve strategic goals.

For a more hands-on role, you want to bring the technologies and tools you've used successfully front and center. If you've applying for a developer role, be certain to stress the languages and tools highlighted in the job posting. The hiring authority wants to see that you have the chops to get the job done. But it's still critical to balance technical strengths with business achievements. I know I sound like a bit of a broken record (to use an out of date metaphor) but accomplishments are the key of every strong resume.

Again, let me know if you have any specific questions about technical resume challenges - I'll do my best to address questions in future blog posts.