When everything is said and done, you're hired for one only reason. To solve the hiring authority's problem, show that you can do it better, cheaper, and faster than your competition. The past IS prolog:

The best way to establish that you can solve a hiring authority's problem in your next job, is to clearly demonstrate that you've solved similar problems in the past.

Achievements are key:

This is why I - and so many of my colleagues in the professional resume writing industry - constantly stress achievements in your resume. The value of your achievements doesn't lie in the past. That value is always for the future.

For example, if you're talking a CTO who desperately needs to maintain four nines - or better - show how you've done this in the past. Talk about the problems you've fixed, the strategies you've used, and - most of all - the bottom line results.

The same principles apply regardless of career level, or whether you're in development, infrastructure, or product management. Show that you've been a problem solver, and you've got a good chance of having people want you to solve their problems in the next job.