One of the most common problems I see in my client's initial technical resumes is a lack of clear structure. Often, my clients have great information throughout the resume, but it's in unconnected nuggets that can be hard to mine for critical information. Duties and accomplishments are often mixed and formatting may not give a clear vision of which is which.

There is often too much detail on small things, without the overarching structure of the career shining through.

We might compare the problem to strong architecture versus code. The details of career are the code. They need to be clear, accurate, and written with the correct style for the document.

But for the resume to make sense to the primary stakeholder - the hiring authority - the resume also demands that high-level vision to create an impact in the hiring authority's mind.

So create a strong architectural vision for your resume, building on early accomplishments, moving to recent career highlights, and finally presenting a compelling case that you're someone the hiring authority needs to talk to to solve a pressing business issue.

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