Back when I was recruiting I looked at a lot of resumes, as you can imagine. Every once in awhile, one would cross my desk that left me scratching my head. My partner would send me a resume for a candidate that he assured me stellar - recruiters are always looking for stellar candidates, by the way. I'd read the resume - it had, after all, come highly recommended - and scratch my head. I'd then call my partner (we were both working from remote offices) and ask a simple question. "So. What does this candidate actually do?"

That's a question you never want the hiring authority - be it an internal HR professional or a recruiter - to ask. I'd take the time to read the resume, because it had been recommended to me as someone who could solve a problem I had - i.e. potentially make a placement.

Without that recommendation, I have to say that I would not have taken the time to try to figure out what the candidate did. Remember, hiring authorities are really busy people. They're not cold hearted, but they've got to get the right person for the right job - usually yesterday.

So remember. Your resume has to answer 2 questions - "What does he (or she) do?" And then - "What can he (or she) do to help solve my problem?"

If you've got those two questions handled, you're on your way.