Particularly in challenging times like these, you may be tempted to include absolutely you've ever done in your technology resume - in the (reasonable) hope that something will catch the hiring authority's attention. Unfortunately, while understandable, that approach too often backfires. As I've mentioned previous, hiring authorities - whether external recruiters or in-house HR professionals - are REALLY busy people. They are not, generally, able to take the time to "mine" a resume to get a sense for whether the candidate can solve their problems.

So, as an IT resume writer, I recommend focusing your technology resume as tightly as possible, to create a clear, coherent, and readable picture of your career - and what you can offer a new organization. Pick the achievements and technologies with the greatest impact. Omit any aspects of your career that might give the impression of a "jack of all trades." I realize it's very easy to wax poetical about great technologies, tools, and methodologies - but make sure that you ALWAYS demonstrate the business value of what you've been doing.

Because completeness is a good thing. But you don't want the hiring authority's eyes to glaze over. :)

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