Many of my colleagues in the resume writing and career industries are surprised that I've chosen to focus my practice on technology, because of the complex nature of many IT and Engineering resumes. So I'd like to begin my blog with a few thoughts on why I've chosen this niche - and why I think it's a great place to be. 1) Technology is Really, Really, Cool:

I was talking with a buddy of mine lately - a brilliant guy, but no interest in technology beyond word processing. That's fine, of course - everyone's different. But I found myself a little stunned. I love technology - I love the opportunities it creates for people to connect, to grow, to learn - and to accomplish more in a few hours that we could have done in weeks. Today I ordered an Irish sweater for my girlfriend from Vermont, and a unique deck of cards from France. Unimaginable a few years ago.

2) I'm a Frustrated Programmer:

So, since I love technology, I'd love be able to do it. But my mind just isn't wired that way - not surprisingly, as a writer, I'm a word person. The extent of my programming success was one perl script. But working with IT professional gives me the opportunity to learn, to stay on the cutting edge, to be aware of the next big thing.

3) IT Professionals are Great to Work With:

No, I'm not buttering my client's bread with this. It's absolutely true.

What can I say? I've got a great job. :)