I’m not your average IT resume writer. I’m certainly not your everyday executive career coach. I've built one of the leading IT resume writing services in the world.

I’m J.M. Auron, ACRW.

What makes me stand out? What core values and skills differentiate me from your average, run-of-the-mill resume writers?  

1) I've specialized exclusively in the IT resume for years.

I know the marketplace, know the technology—and most importantly, I know how to tell the story of your technology career in a way that proves you use tech to solve mission-critical business problems.

When you talk to me, you won't have to worry about explaining the difference between a public and a private cloud. You won't have to explain that Sharepoint is a solution, not a company. That means you can focus on the important things. Like taking the next step in your IT career. Getting a head start on your job search—and a jump on your competition.

2) I've worked both sides of the desk. In addition to being a professional resume writer, I did a significant stint as a headhunter. So I read your IT resume the way a recruiter reads them.

An initial fast read—with a driving need to find the right candidate to fill a critical position. And then a deeper read, to know a candidate's career well enough to present that candidate to a very busy C-level executive. That's always top of mind for me as I work through your resume project. 

3) I'm a writer. Always have been. Words are a passion for me—and I will spend the time to make sure that every word, every punctuation mark in your project is there for a solid, strategic reason.

I take the time over every project, and sweat every detail. So, the resume you present is as close to perfect as I can make it.

4) I'm committed to helping my clients. I take every project very, very seriously. I know that my clients come to me because they're serious about advancing their IT careers, and recognize that they need the help of the best professional IT resume writer in the business to take the next step.

Whether my clients need a CIO resume to sit at the big table, an IT Director resume to continue their upward trajectory, an IT Manager resume to begin their leadership career, or a software architect resume to show just how much they can accomplish technically—I put everything I can, and everything I know into creating an IT resume that's absolutely the best in the business.

Bottom line? If you want a talented, committed, focused professional resume writer to write your IT resume and help you take the next step in your career? 

I can help with that.